Two Simple Shapes. Tons of Skateboard Ramp Combinations.

Imagination Unleased!



The LandWave System

You’re looking for a place to go with your skateboard, but the only skate park around is clear across town.  Your parents don’t have time to take you there, and your allowance isn’t big enough to get you in nearly as often as you’d like.  Besides, it gets boring, riding the same ramps all the time.

Why go anywhere, when you can have your own skate park at home?  The LandWave ramp system is the only ramp you can build higher, wider and longer.  You can arrange and rearrange the ramps and decks in thousands of different ways, to create your own skate park, a different skate park every time.

Made of high density plastic and rated for 300 pounds, LandWave Products is durable enough take what you dish out.  They can stand up to the weather, too.

At 12 pounds each for the ramps, and 17 pounds for the decks, LandWave is lightweight enough to be moved and rearranged easily.  The ramps and the decks are each 28 inches wide by 38.5 inches long by 12 inches high.

These stackable ramps and decks allow you to store LandWave without taking up a lot of floor space when you’re not using them.

The LandWave ramp system consists of just two basic pieces: the flat bank ramp and the deck.  T-locks and channels interconnect so your ramp won’t come apart when you’re using it, but slide apart easily when it’s time to put it away.  No tools are necessary.  Connectors come with each deck, to allow you to stack the pieces.  Rubber feet are including with each ramp, to keep the ramps from sliding.

Whether you start with one ramp, a starter pack or a pyramid, you can keep adding to your ramp system to build it higher, wider and longer.  The only limit is your imagination!

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