Skateboard Ramp Provider Re-Launches Website

Pioneer, Ohio (February 14, 2013) – LandWave Products Inc., a home-use skateboard ramp system manufacturer, recently re-launched its website, The new website includes a full description of the ramp system, safety and dealer information, FAQ and a tab for where to purchase.

The site’s new look is intended to mesh LandWave’s branding and image with its goal of offering the strongest plastic skate ramp system on the market. All LandWave Products ramps, decks and hardware are manufactured in the United States. LandWave Products, Inc., is a subsidiary of Universal Industrial Products, Inc., a diversified manufacturing company that’s been in business since 1943.

“We are very pleased and excited with the new design of our website,” said Neil Marko, CEO of Universal Industrial Products, Inc. “We feel the site does a great job portraying the quality and flexibility of the LandWave ramp system,” he continued.

Each LandWave unit is made of high-density black polypropylene, and easily connects to the other pieces to create an infinite number of possible configurations. Rubber feet are included with each unit to help prevent skidding on hard surfaces. Uses include:

• Skateboard ramps
• Bike ramps
• Inline skate ramps
• Portable stages
• Temporary ramp access and step system

For more information, call 800.922.6956 or email

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