Skateboarding: A Sport? A Lifestyle? Or the Birth of a Trend?

W e recently ran across a 2010 article written by Claudia Miclaus that posed the question, “Is skateboarding a sport, a lifestyle or a trend” (or a combination of the three?).

The article begins…

It’s interesting how the number of skateboarders nowadays has tremendously increased. And this is not necessary a bad thing. In just 50 years, skateboarding has become a worldwide known and practiced sport, and I dare to add, a trend, and a lifestyle.
It goes on to say…
Nevertheless, skateboarding is not about looking cool or doing tricks on a board, but more often hanging with your friends, having a good time while riding the skateboard, and evolving at your own pace. Moreover, progressing in skateboarding can hurt, and it usually does. It implies with no doubt a great dose of adrenaline!

The feeling you get when you jump 10 feet in the air is incredible, although you don’t land on your feet every time! Skateboarding is about danger and facing it, fulfilling your pride, going beyond your own limits.
Here at LandWave Products, we tend to view skateboarding as more of a lifestyle as described by the following excerpt from the 2011 Transworld SKATEboarding Magazine Reader Survey…

A true skater is a different breed. This person is dedicated to their sport, even though “sport” isn’t quite the right word. Skateboarding is more of an art and a skateboarder is more of an artist; an artist that will suffer through a hundred bails to master one technical trick. For them, it’s about technique and form and what looks good. You will also find that they are not beholden to pop culture and the trappings of materialism. They are individuals who want nothing to do with something that will lump them in with anyone or anything else.

What do you think? Does this describe you or someone you know who is a skateboarder? Leave us a comment. We’d love to hear your thoughts on this topic.

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