You get what you pay for in plastic ramp systems

Some customers have questioned why LandWave Products’ ramps and decks are more expensive than other plastic skate ramps.  But you should expect to pay more for a better quality skate ramp.  No one questions why a Cadillac Escalade costs more than a Chevy Nova.

LandWave ramps and decks are larger, thicker, and more durable.  They are rated for 300 pounds, 100 pounds more than other plastic ramps.  That means it takes more material and more time to manufacture them, but the end result is a much better product. Yet they still are lightweight enough to be easy to move, assemble and store.

Made of UV stabilized plastic, LandWave is resistant to the extreme use that aggressive skateboarding, skating and BMX biking can bring.  Instead of importing a cheap, flimsy ramp from China, LandWave provides a quality skate ramp system made in the USA.

LandWave ramp systems allow you to do more.  LandWave is the only stackable ramp system, so you can build it higher, wider and longer. The interlocking pieces can be rearranged in lots of different ways.

For strength, durability and versatility, LandWave Products offers more value for your dollar.

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