By Doug Brown

Autumn is my favorite time of the year to skate. There is something about the Ohio autumn air and the daily changing of the leaves. The west coast gets spoiled with a permanent summer that states like Ohio does not have the luxury to possess. When it’s harvest time, it’s a reminder that the sun’s rays are moving further away from us.

We have to grasp each day and skate it to its fullest, before the long, stubborn winter steals our flannels and hoodies away. The sun recedes early and brings the night breeze along with a comforting chill. As much as I love a good summer sweat while skating, nothing beats skating for hours in the comfort of a perfect fall temperature.

I cherish every single day I can skate through the colorful, fallen leaves and smell the crisp autumn air. I do embrace skating year-round, on the streets, skate parks, and of course, my LandWave ramps. With their durability and strength, the light weight, portable LandWave ramps can withstand any season, including the chilly autumn that’s here.