Be yourself on and off the skateboard. Skateboarding is all about fun, freedom, and creativity. You can create your own skate scene. It’s not about having the biggest skatepark. I can have just as much fun skating my driveway with my Landwave ramps as I can skating the world’s best skatepark. Landwave ramps are super durable and last through all seasons. ┬áThe possibilities are endless! Skating isn’t about how good you are or how many years you’ve been riding. Through all my years of skating I have just as much fun now as I did the day I first started. I’ve noticed lately when people ask my age it’s always followed up by a comment about how I should slow down on the skateboarding and stunts. I’m not 103 years old. I realize I’m not 16 years old and I’m well aware that the impact of slams can change during the course of time. I don’t jump off the top of school buses anymore; however, I’ve survived skating for well over 30 years and have managed to stay in one piece. I’ve had my injuries and plenty of scars-all worth it. At my age, I enjoy the simple things like rolling down the pavement, much like I did when I first discovered skateboarding. I still push myself, yet I know my limits. Anything you do can involve risks. Being in shape and staying in motion is essential for life no matter what age you are. While knowing your limits, be creative, have fun and most of all, be yourself.