By Pro Skater Doug Brown

I recently acquired this Nash Night Stalker skateboard, the holy grail of my skateboard collection. This was my first real skateboard. This board was my paintbrush of creativity and freedom. The year was 1987 when I was at my friend Brian Menne’s house and his older brother Matt had the Nash Night Stalker.

With my junior high courage, I asked to buy the board off of him. Through time, the board was thrashed up and I graduated to another board. The Nash Night Stalker was always on my radar to add to my large skateboard collection.

It feels like yesterday I was cruising Avalon Circle and jetting down Wayne Avenue with this solid piece of gold. Thirty-three years later, I’m reunited with nostalgia and a sentimental feeling of where it all began with the Nash Night Stalker. You never forget your first skateboard love.