I was happy to pass the torch of inspiration today for National Learn to Skateboard Day. There is an importance in the art of teaching. My mentors and teachers held great significance in my life. I was a guitar instructor at Larry’s Music from 1992-2002. Teaching has always been in my blood; I credit my father for this influence. After the guitar teaching years, skateboarding became my full-time living.

I’ve always embraced being a mentor and role model. My guitar teacher in my youth had a huge impact on my life. I knew if I could pass on that inspiration, he bestowed on me, my efforts would be meaningful. I’ve taught skateboarding at camps and private lessons for many years. I see myself in these students.

I remember the thrill of simply rolling down a hill and the freedom of artistic expression. Landwave ramps are great to learn on for a number of reasons. You can start small with just one ramp and build your way up as you go. The ramps are stackable so the sky is the limit! Never underestimate the effort to pay it forward to someone, it can impact a person for a lifetime.