Do You Need a Quick Portable Stage?

If you have ever done a Google search for “Portable Stage” you will get huge array of companies offering to build large metal outdoor stages for concerts or events. That is fine if you are doing a major concert, but what if you have a restaurant, coffee shop, small business conference room, college lecture hall needing a small stage or some other indoor space and need a quick easy elevated platform for a stage?

Introducing LandWave Portable Stages

Originally our product was made for skateboarders, RC, and BMX riders, but then we discovered that the two basic shapes that make up our product, a deck and a ramp, can be assembled for a portable indoor or even outdoor stage. Take a look…

The two basic shapes that build the world’s widest and tallest and only stackable ramp system are also ideal for building portable stages and platforms for any venue. The pieces all interlock and will not slide apart during any type of performance. Here are just some of the many benefits to using LandWave for portable staging:

  • Interlock for stability and complete safety
  • Light weight and easy to move around and assemble by a single person
  • Can be configured into a number of stage or platform types
  • Easy to store

LandWave provides a basic staging solution that is easy to assemble, move and store. It is inexpensive compared to the alternatives and can be configured in multiple ways.


Great for Performers & Band

Do you own a restaurant, coffee shop, or other venue where a permanent stage would use up valuable space? Do you have bands or other entertainment that you use to bring in new customers? If you answered yes, then the LandWave portable stage system is what you need.

You can create a small portable stage for your band or entertainment. It’s easy to assemble and disassemble for venues, easy to store, and gives you that indoor portable stage without sacrificing lots of precious space for a permanent stage.

Great for Conferences & Business Presentations

Business presentations in a conference room or other venue may require an elevated stage, but a permanent one either uses up too much space or is just plain unavailable. If you have encountered either of these issues we have the perfect solution with our LandWave portable stage.

Our decks can be assembled to create any size stage you need. Want a small stage that is only about 12” off the floor? We can accommodate that. Need higher or wider? Simply add additional decks to raise the stage or make it wider. You can even add a runway if needed. The combinations are endless by simply changing the configurations.

Here’s Where You Can Buy Your Landwave Ramps




Easy to Store and Assemble

All the pieces interlock to form a solid stage that will not slip apart. The deck can form a single or multi-level stage, and the optional ramps can be used to move heavy equipment onto the newly created portable stage.

Strong & Durable

The pieces are made out of ribbed and reinforced plastic to be very durable and strong, but lightweight and easy to move and stack. Each deck by itself can support 300 pounds, and a standard stage once assembled could hold up to 5,000 pounds!

If you need a portable staging system that is easy to assemble and store, but flexible enough to create stages of all sizes and configurations, then look no further than the LandWave portable staging system.

Two different pieces are all you need. You can purchase decks ramps or any combination of the two to make the biggest and widest portable stage you will ever need for your event.

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