RC vehicles offer lots of fun. But running them up and down the driveway can get just a little boring. A recent blog post gave a list of things to do with your RC vehicles to ramp up the fun factor. LandWave Products can help. The number one suggestion in the blog was to build a ramp! Yeah, we do that.


After all, RC cars can do things that would be too dangerous or downright impossible for a real car to do. LandWave already has built the ramp for you. You can start with a single, one-foot high LandWave ramp, or stack pieces to create higher ramps for the off-road RC bash cars.

Want to build a challenging and super cool obstacle course? LandWave Products is up to the task. At 12 pounds each for the ramps, and 17 pounds for the decks, LandWave is lightweight enough to be moved and rearranged easily. The ramps and the decks are each 28 inches wide by 38.5 inches long by 12 inches high. You can create a different course every time.

Of course, what’s more fun than taking videos to capture your escapades? Attach a small camera to the car to get a “driver’s eye” view of all the action.

The LandWave ramp system consists of just two basic pieces: the flat bank ramp and the deck. T-locks and channels interconnect so your ramp won’t come apart when you’re using it, but slide apart easily when it’s time to put it away. No tools are necessary. These stackable ramps and decks allow you to store LandWave without taking up a lot of floor space when you’re not using them.

LandWave is the perfect accessory for your RC adventures. The only limit is your imagination!

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